Please click on the links below to save the files to your computer. (If that doesn’t work, then right click the link and choose “save as” to download it to your computer.) It will take a little while for it to download, be patient.

This link is the site downloaded directly from the server (php and mysql) –


The link below is the Paul Dickerson website I downloaded from the web with a tool I use to get website content. The pages are recreated in html so you can unzip this downloaded file and view the old site on your computer –

pauldickerson-website html

When you unzip the file above you will see a folder called “sites”, there are a number of folders inside that one. (In order to keep the folder structure, winzip included those 5 first folders.) I would drag the top “sites” folder to your computer, let it extract, and then inside you will find –

sites > i-cweb > pauldickerson > down2 > paul dickerson 2 >

All you really need is the folder. Inside that folder is the old website. Click on index and you can use the Paul Dickerson website’s navigation menus to view all parts of the website.