Grand Junction

Columbia Township

The Columbia Township website has been a challenge and a great joy to make. They decided to digitize a book created for Grand Junction, where the Township Hall is located, back in 1971 at its Centennial Celebration and include it in the history section of the website. The picture above is just one of many I scanned from the Centennial Celebration, 1871-1971 book. The book includes the history of the area, Grand Junction in particular. From the early days of Indians, pristine forests and lakes through the logging and more importantly, the railroads which made the town a crossroad or a “junction” for two intersecting train lines. One South to Chicago and up North through Grand Rapids and the other West to the Lake and inland to Kalamazoo. On to the advent of blueberries which is the area’s signature crop.

It was a lot of work to scan, crop, and re-construct the book with its history on the Township website, but I think it was worth the trouble.

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