mr grocery

Mr Grocery

Mr Grocery is my neighborhood corner store. When you live out where I do, you really appreciate that there is a corner store even if it’s a couple miles away. I can actually walk to Mr Grocery and have been doing their website since John, the new owner, purchased the business in 2009. By 2010 Mr Grocery really started to take on a new life, and if you look at the history page on their website you can see the transformation.

I recently did an upgrade to the Mr Grocery website. While their old site was just fine it was not Mobile-Friendly. For a Gas Station/Market out in the country, that is not good enough these days. They needed a mobile-friendly site and they wanted to update a few key things on the site themselves like their hours or the picture and information on the home page. I made him a couple of short instructional videos and ‘how to’ reminders. John says it is now very simple to update his own website.

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