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The website that Denise created for Time Pieces is both artistically beautiful and technically superb. It does all that one can ask of a website and I am completely satisfied.

Jim Ollgaard,
Time Pieces

A client said about our website: "Your website is so effective, after spending just a few minutes on the site, I know exactly what you do."

John Sohl,
Columbia Technologies


Your Website is a Window
Wednesday, 01 January 2014 00:00
Written by Denise

Your website is your front window to the world. Make it clear, beautiful and interesting to display your products, promote your business, tell your organization's story.

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I create websites for businesses large and small, online stores, and not for profit organizations. I treat my clients in a very personal manner.

Unique design, artistic elements, make your site stand out. But without targeted, well laid out content, the effect is minimal. The trick is to lure visitors in with a beautiful display and then keep them engaged with compelling content organized in an intuitive, creative way so your message is heard and explored. Your products are easily found and purchased. Your organization's goals are understood and achieved.

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Unique Online Marketing
Friday, 03 January 2014 00:00
Written by Denise

Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing with time-tested results. Content based websites that provide information get listed in search engines. Newsletters keep folks informed and feeling connected.

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