Miller Curber

Brand New website Upgrade for Miller Curber dot com. With the addition of detailed drawings of machines and parts comes a new website update incorporating a new parts finder, and Google language translation, which means more search engine friendly as well. I have been working with Miller Curber since it changed from Miller Spreader, new name and new ownership, in 2011.

Miller Curber is a manufacturer of commercial curb builders for making concrete curbs on streets and walkways and around landscaping. They are located in Youngstown, Ohio and are very nice people to work with. They also make hand tools for the same purpose and have been serving the construction industry for over fifty years.

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South Haven Performance Series

New website redesign for current clients. The South Haven Performance Series has had a nice website since its inception in 2009. This is such a wonderful non-profit organization in South Haven. They bring lovely music to the town and put on a beautiful holiday concert as well. They wanted their site to be mobile-friendly and not have to update it themselves anymore, but have the option if they became so inclined in the future through the CMS.

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Advance Plating & Finishing

New website for a new client, Advance Plating, a family owned business since 1963. They just moved to a new facility and upgraded their plating processes. The website tells their story and gives them a nice updated web presence. Great folks to work with and they are very busy so updating their site is a challenge, but I think it turned out great.

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The South Haven Garden Club

New website for a new client, the South Haven Garden Club. The garden club has had a website for well over 10 years, diligently tended to by a South Haven Garden Club member. Joanne did a wonderful job, she even had an online order form for their annual holiday greens sale. I took all the content she had placed on the site over the years and reconfigured it into a newly designed, WordPress CMS driven website. Also added online ordering of the holiday greens. These folks are an interesting bunch that really do a lot: Meetings, newsletter, classes, garden walk, and on and on…

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Maple Grove Marine Storage

New website upgrade for an existing client and her family business. Brenda and Marc have been storing and servicing those Lake Michigan dream boats for many years. Their existing website was not mobile-friendly, though very nice, and needed to be updated. We added a content management system and a new look to their website, creating a straight forward way to find pricing and services that can be more easily updated. Nice folks to work with.

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Diane Siebrasse – Certified College Consultant

New website for a new client, Diane, a college admissions consultant. Simple website to explain her approach which is very sensitive to the student, encouraging realistic goals directed by personal strengths. It seems she really gets in there and dukes it out along with the applicant. Helping with everything like resume, Common Application essays (personal statement & meaningful activity essay) and all other college-specific supplementary essays. I think the site really delves into what Diane does for her clients in a clean, minimalist style.

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Joseph Quinn

New website for a current client, Joe Quinn. Joe came to me through an old friend a few years ago and we did his website – together. I love that site, it uses video in the header for a dramatic opening page to promote Joe’s upcoming documentary. Joe is an actor. He has been in a few plays in the last year or so after a long hiatus, and is itching to dive back into the professional acting game full force. He needed a site to promote himself to agents, directors, production companies, and the like. I think we did a good job. It’s more simple than the documentary site. Clean, clear, good stuff. Just like Joe himself.

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SHOUT for South Haven

Brand new website for the elusive SHOUT, a non-profit organization that works behind-the-scenes in South Haven to beautify, to educate and entertain, to make this harbor town even better. I enjoyed making this website very much. Lots of great pictures and information about South Haven that I did not know. Great people to work with, they give a lot of their time and energy to this organization and have a lot of fun doing it.

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Foundry Hall

New website redesign for one of my all time favorite clients: Foundry Hall, a non-profit organization that believes in “Building Community Through Music since 2007”. Andru is a musician and friend, he founded Foundry Hall in an amazing building in downtown South Haven. The building has since been sold, but Foundry Hall lives on sponsoring live music in South Haven.

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South Haven Speakers Series

A nice website upgrade for the South Haven Speakers Series. New style, new flexibility with more advanced features. This is a very popular series which brings in quality speakers from local and national sources. The Speakers Series, like the Performance Series, was initiated by SHOUT. They are both now non-profits in their own right, presenting a number of very popular subjects and music. While folks may be technical enough to update their own websites, some do not like to spend the time and bother to do it.

I offer web maintenance plans to keep your website up to date with an added fee each month. (based on hours needed)

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