ASH – A Sustainable Home

Look at this really fun website for a Zero Waste Refill Market. I have to admit, I was not aware of Refill Shops. Living out in the country they had not gotten to me yet, but now one has, and within 10 miles. Yay. Great new concept, zero waste, from the website: “Zero waste refers to waste prevention as opposed to end-of-pipe waste management.” Check out the site to learn more and see their organic/natural products.

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McNulty Construction

Great new site with new clients. Judging by their really nice pictures their work is high-end. These folks are custom builders along the shore of lake Michigan. Looks like they do some really nice work. Vintage rehabs, new homes, kitchen and bath remodels. Check them out. It’s a family business and they take great pride in their work and their customer service.

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The Forest House

Another amazing project for the Historical Association of South Haven. First Hartman School, the home of HASH, which they continue to work on and upgrade. Then the incredible South Haven Lighthouse restoration. Now they have acquired a vintage hotel downtown. The Forest House.

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Historic Hotel Nichols

New website for a historic hotel that has been in operation for over 100 years. What a hotel. In South Haven, this hotel is famous for its longevity and it is just a really fun place. Small, very quaint, so many old touches in it. New owners, a young couple that has really put sweat equity into this old building and done an amazing job in the short time they have been working on it. I feel very lucky to be working with them.

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Vacationland Sales

I have been working with Vacationland Sales (on the edge of Sandy Pines RV resort in Hopkins, Michigan), for over 10 years. John, the owner, is a very nice man. He is also quite the innovator in that Park Model Homes are not as well known as RVs, and certainly not 10 years ago. So a main purpose of the website has always been to explain what a Park Model Home is and why you want one.

Another purpose is to advertise the Park Models on their lot. This is the fourth upgrade to the Vacationland Sales website. Park Models are the essence of glamping, and the new style seeks to get that across. The upgrade also refined functions on the site. Makes it easier for Barb to add new listings. Customers to view and contact them. Plus nice gallery/slide-show functions for John’s pictures.

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South Haven Theatre Series

A great new .org for South Haven. The Theatre Series, created by SHOUT, brings theater from around the country, many of them one person shows, back home. Already, they have brought some groundbreaking performances to town. Most recently during the pandemic, a wonderful one woman show based on Frida Kahlo. A play put on in conjunction with the South Haven Center for the Arts. All involved pivoted quickly to salvage this performance canceled due to COVID-19, and put on the most incredible Zoom Show I have seen yet.

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South Haven Charter Township

New, mobile-friendly website upgrade for the South Haven Charter Township. They wanted it to look the same, but be responsive when viewed on phone, tablet or computer. I think it is close to the original, but I added a few things to spiff it up a bit.

The South Haven Charter Township originally needed a new website because a new law stipulated that their meeting minutes be publicly displayed. They also wanted to list their board of directors, give site visitors much needed information about Township ordinances, assessing, property taxes, and give access to important forms and permits. The minutes are something they upload themselves regularly, and they have them in PDFs. The site allows them to upload a PDF through a user-friendly interface and then auto-displays them in a calendar form.

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Scott Club

New client, new website, but the project is steeped in antiquity. Established in 1883 as a book club, the Scott Club is a fascinating organization in South Haven. Incredible building built in 1893. “Teas” are visually enhanced (big screen TV, computer) talks by interesting members on subjects they have knowledge about. Their perennial book club – since 1883. Great experience working with these folks. I’m very happy to be associated with the Scott Club.

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Miller Curber

Brand New website Upgrade for Miller Curber dot com. With the addition of detailed drawings of machines and parts comes a new website update incorporating a new parts finder, and Google language translation, which means more search engine friendly as well. I have been working with Miller Curber since it changed from Miller Spreader, new name and new ownership, in 2011.

Miller Curber is a manufacturer of commercial curb builders for making concrete and asphalt curbs on streets and walkways and around landscaping. They are located in Youngstown, Ohio and are very nice people to work with. They also make hand tools for the same purpose and have been serving the construction industry for over fifty years.

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South Haven Performance Series

New website redesign for current clients. The South Haven Performance Series has had a nice website since its inception in 2009. This is such a wonderful non-profit organization in South Haven. They bring lovely music to the town and put on a beautiful holiday concert as well. They wanted their site to be mobile-friendly and not have to update it themselves anymore, but have the option if they became so inclined in the future through the CMS.

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