Diane Siebrasse – Certified College Consultant

New website for a new client, Diane, a college admissions consultant. Simple website to explain her approach which is very sensitive to the student, encouraging realistic goals directed by personal strengths. It seems she really gets in there and dukes it out along with the applicant. Helping with everything like resume, Common Application essays (personal statement & meaningful activity essay) and all other college-specific supplementary essays. I think the site really delves into what Diane does for her clients in a clean, minimalist style.

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Joseph Quinn

New website for a current client, Joe Quinn. Joe came to me through an old friend a few years ago and we did his website – diaryofabodybuilder.com together. I love that site, it uses video in the header for a dramatic opening page to promote Joe’s upcoming documentary. Joe is an actor. He has been in a few plays in the last year or so after a long hiatus, and is itching to dive back into the professional acting game full force. He needed a site to promote himself to agents, directors, production companies, and the like. I think we did a good job. It’s more simple than the documentary site. Clean, clear, good stuff. Just like Joe himself.

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SHOUT for South Haven

Brand new website for the elusive SHOUT, a non-profit organization that works behind-the-scenes in South Haven to beautify, to educate and entertain, to make this harbor town even better. I enjoyed making this website very much. Lots of great pictures and information about South Haven that I did not know. Great people to work with, they give a lot of their time and energy to this organization and have a lot of fun doing it.

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Foundry Hall

New website redesign for one of my all time favorite clients: Foundry Hall, a non-profit organization that believes in “Building Community Through Music since 2007”. Andru is a musician and friend, he founded Foundry Hall in an amazing building in downtown South Haven. The building has since been sold, but Foundry Hall lives on sponsoring live music in South Haven.

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South Haven Speakers Series

A nice website upgrade for the South Haven Speakers Series. New style, new flexibility with more advanced features. This is a very popular series which brings in quality speakers from local and national sources. The Speakers Series, like the Performance Series, was initiated by SHOUT. They are both now non-profits in their own right, presenting a number of very popular subjects and music. While folks may be technical enough to update their own websites, some do not like to spend the time and bother to do it.

I offer web maintenance plans to keep your website up to date with an added fee each month. (based on hours needed)

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South Haven Community Foundation

New website upgrade for the South Haven Community Foundation, a publicly supported, non-sectarian, philanthropic institution which does wonderful things for all sorts of non-profit groups in South Haven. I kept much of the information and structure from the old website (Wix), which was very well compiled and displayed. I transferred it into WordPress (CMS). Now their website information is archived for the foundation.

The goal of the site is to bring non-profit groups in South Haven together through information and a shared purpose. Great organization, nice people, I am so glad to be involved with them.

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South Haven Light

Website Update – After the summer we saved the lighthouse (2015), the Historical Association wanted to update the lighthouse website to add more functionality now, and in the future. As well as match the new HASH site, which was created after the original lighthouse website.

The South Haven Pier Light is the iconic symbol of South Haven, and only one of four lighthouses in the state that still has a catwalk. The website is the lighthouse’s hub for visitor information, fundraising efforts, lighthouse history, and events happening in conjunction with the lighthouse.

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Moore Drywall

I was very excited to do a website for Mark Moore of Moore Drywall, basically because I think Mark is a great artist and craftsman. He did some very complex drywall in my house that I rehabbed. What an amazing job they did, I look at it every day. Moore Drywall is known as the best of the best to my general contractor. “Wouldn’t use anybody else.” It’s a simple website meant to inform potential clients on what they do.

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Footprints Around Chicago

New website for a new client. A group of tour guides in Chicago branch out on their own and one of the tools at their disposal for their new venture is a website with booking built right in. This theme is tailor made for any type of appointment site. The site takes reservations for the 4 guides and does a nice job describing their various tours.

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RK Media

RK Media is a Chicago based media representation firm that partners with B2B trade publishers, special interest publications and websites selling advertising space. Ryan, who established the company in 2006, did not have a website. So I created one from scratch for him and his wife Melissa, who joined him at the company in 2016. The dramatic photographs on the home page incorporate a parallax effect, which draws the eye to tell their story. A clean, classy, and very effective B2B website.

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