Great Lakes Acoustic Music Association

Brand new website for a new client – GLAMA, the Great Lakes Acoustic Music Association, located in Kalamazoo, MI. Very exciting to be working with this non-profit organization. They have been supporting acoustic music in SW Michigan since the late 80’s. The board members are a very nice group of people and very ambitious to create and edit their own website. It has been a fun process and they are wonderful people to work with.

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Napco Inc.

Napco Inc. is a manufacturer of wholesale appliance heating elements and related accessory parts for the HVAC parts market. I have been working with Napco for almost a decade and this is the third incarnation of their website. An online catalog of parts that they can update themselves using a browser-based interface.

The new website has an eye toward B2B design and functionality. Both a resource and a sales tool, it incorporates a mobile/tablet-friendly, responsive design as well.

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Historical Association of South Haven

I have been working with the Historical Association of South Haven, HASH, since 2004. I did their first website, and then updated it to a dynamic, Content Management System (CMS) a few years ago. I just completed a third “responsive” website upgrade for HASH to a mobile/tablet-friendly website using WordPress (CMS), taking advantage of its dynamic content management.

They are a wonderful non-profit organization to be involved with and I am very grateful for the experience. Nice, nice people and so much interesting subject-matter. I learn something new every time I add content to their website.

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Mr Grocery

Mr Grocery is my neighborhood corner store. When you live out where I do, you really appreciate that there is a corner store even if it’s a couple miles away. I can actually walk to Mr Grocery and have been doing their website since John, the new owner, purchased the business in 2009. By 2010 Mr Grocery really started to take on a new life, and if you look at the history page on their website you can see the transformation.

I recently did an upgrade to the Mr Grocery website. While their old site was just fine it was not Mobile-Friendly. For a Gas Station/Market out in the country, that is not good enough these days. They needed a mobile-friendly site and they wanted to update a few key things on the site themselves like their hours or the picture and information on the home page. I made him a couple of short instructional videos and ‘how to’ reminders. John says it is now very simple to update his own website.

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Columbia Township

The Columbia Township website has been a challenge and a great joy to make. They decided to digitize a book created for Grand Junction, where the Township Hall is located, back in 1971 at its Centennial Celebration and include it in the history section of the website. The picture above is just one of many I scanned from the Centennial Celebration, 1871-1971 book. The book includes the history of the area, Grand Junction in particular. From the early days of Indians, pristine forests and lakes through the logging and more importantly, the railroads which made the town a crossroad or a “junction” for two intersecting train lines. One South to Chicago and up North through Grand Rapids and the other West to the Lake and inland to Kalamazoo. On to the advent of blueberries which is the area’s signature crop.

It was a lot of work to scan, crop, and re-construct the book with its history on the Township website, but I think it was worth the trouble.

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The West Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association is a “green industry” non-profit organization whose members are West Michigan landscape designers and contractors, landscape management companies, wholesale nurseries and retail centers. Very nice people to work with, they wanted a site to promote events and their members. They also wanted a site they could update themselves.

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Bob Long, Director of Photography

I have known Bob since college, we worked together on a film project back then. He did a lot for me and I owed him a favor, so when we reconnected after many years, I was glad to help him with his website. He is a working Director of Photography in the Chicago area and anywhere else a film/video shoot takes him.

Bob Long DPYes, that is Rick Bayless in the little thumbnail picture. Bob is the DP on the excellent series: Mexico, One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless, who is the owner of a few famous restaurants in Chicago.


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Time Pieces

Time Pieces is a website for a clock repair shop located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Owner, James Ollgaard, is a true craftsman. He’s been repairing clocks for over 30 years. I went to his shop and took pictures of some of the clocks he repaired, some in the midst of repair, and him doing a repair on a mechanism. The site turned out very nice because Jim cares about his clients and what he does for them.

Hi Denise,
On Saturday, a customer came into the shop with his family heirloom clock. He said he got the courage to leave it at Time Pieces for needed repairs because the website convinced him that I was highly capable and concerned with caring for customer’s clocks. The website put us ahead of any competition and gave him the confidence which overcame his general reluctance to leave it anywhere.
Thought you’d like to know.
JimJames Ollgaard

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Title Historian

Title Historian is a website I did quite a few years back. It does not use a content management system. The site is very simple and I no longer do websites this way; completely by hand using html and css code written solely by myself, but I like the design of the site and it still faithfully serves its purpose.

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